Energy and Climate Action

Vermonters care about the legacy we will leave future generations. If we don’t act swiftly and strategically, climate change and energy scarcity could undermine our state’s economy, environment and way of life.

To turn these challenges into opportunity the state has set important climate and energy goals, including:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions 75 percent by 2050, and
  • Meeting 90 percent of our energy needs from renewables by 2050.

Vermont has the tools at our fingertips to chart a clean energy future and wean off of the fossil fuels that are draining Vermonters’ bank accounts and destroying our planet. VNRC’s Energy and Climate Action Program works on a variety of solutions-oriented fronts, including the following programs and initiatives:

Energy and Climate Action Projects

Energy Independent Vermont

VNRC is a member of the Energy Independent Vermont (EIV) Coalition, working to put a price on carbon pollution to benefit people and the planet.

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Education, Advocacy, & Climate Dispatch

VNRC works from the grassroots to the Legislature with our members, businesses, public officials, nonprofits and others to find solutions to the energy and climate change challenges we face. Find our weekly legislative updates here.

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Energy Committees and VECAN

VNRC serves as the coordinator of the Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network that is working to support energy committees to help Vermont communities advance a more sustainable energy future.

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Energy Planning

VNRC promotes comprehensive, forward-looking planning as an essential tool to help meet Vermont’s energy needs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Global Climate Change

VNRC works to ensure Vermont does its part to reduce its contribution to climate change.

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Renewables can and must play a powerful role in Vermont’s 21st century economy, and VNRC works to ensure clean energy is deployed swifty and smartly.

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Transportation-Energy-Land Use Connections

VNRC works with diverse partners to expand alternatives to the single occupancy vehicle and more efficiently get people where they need to go.

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Efficiency and Conservation

VNRC works to promote policies, programs and projects that help Vermonters lower their energy bills through energy efficiency and conservation.

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