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Please Help VNRC in Vermont Yankee Litigation

For the past year, VNRC has been immersed in litigation related to Entergy’s attempt to extend the operation of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant well beyond its original design life. For the past several weeks, VNRC staff and consulting attorneys have been contending with the seemingly limitless legal resources at Entergy’s disposal. Entergy filed motions to kick our witnesses out of the Public Service Board proceeding, but we fought back successfully to bring useful information to the Board.

For example, earlier this week, VNRC’S Water Program Director Kim Greenwood testified that the release of tritium from the plant into Vermont’s groundwater violated several regulations, including the public trust doctrine that declares groundwater a public trust resource. The Board also ruled that our key partner in the case, David Deen of the Connecticut River Watershed Council, could testify as an expert to explain why Entergy has not adequately demonstrated that the plant’s thermal discharge will not have undue adverse effect on fish species and the water purity of the Connecticut River.

With the PSB hearings underway, I am hoping you will consider making a special donation to help us continue this important fight. It is clear that Louisiana-based Entergy thinks it can out-muscle the state of Vermont, VNRC, and Vermonters who are concerned about the environmental impacts of the nuclear plant. Let’s not let that happen. Please click here to give what you can today through our secure website. It will be a contribution to the many hours of work that we do to protect Vermont’s natural resources.

Thank you for your support. – Brian Shupe, VNRC Executive Director.