Permitting Truth: A Two-Pronged Assault on Vermont’s Environment

Permitting Truth: A Two-Pronged Assault on Vermont’s Environment

May 2009

The 2009 legislative session began with a real eye-opener for Vermonters who care about the environment. Governor Douglas came out of the gate in his fourth inaugural address with a proposal to sabotage Vermont’s landmark land use and development law — Act 250. Essentially asserting that Act 250 and other environmental permitting are a hindrance to economic development — when leading economists and the state’s own facts say otherwise — the governor proposed eviscerating the state’s best tool to protect the environment.

Then, the governor and some legislators proposed rolling back environmental protections under the auspices of ‘readying’ for stimulus dollars – an unnecessary and potentially damaging move.

VNRC has been working closely with legislative leaders and administrative officials throughout the session to address this issue, including working to eliminate the most damaging proposals and to limit the scope of permit changes specifically to economic stimulus projects. VNRC continues to be wary of efforts to use the economic downturn as a reason for loosening our environmental protections.

For much more information, click on the links below to read about this two-pronged assault on Vermont’s environment. These proposals are evolving everyday. For the most up-to-date status on these efforts, please contact VNRC’s Brian Shupe at 802-223-2328 ext. 114 or

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Please help ensure these shortsighted ideas are stopped dead in their tracks. Contact your legislators and the Governor today and ask them not to gut Act 250 and other environmental permitting.