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Partnership Communities Move Forward with Land Use Goals

Three of the communities participating in our Community Planning Partnership have made exciting progress over the last month.
On a 4-0 vote, the Cornwall Selectboard recently approved revisions to their zoning that will encourage housing that reflects the scale and pattern of development in the village. “Smart Growth Vermont helped to focus on different options for the Village and innovative ways to manage future development,” said Bruce Byers, Planning Commission Chair.
Working with our project partner VNRC, Smart Growth Vermont recently submitted a technical memorandum to the Reading Planning Commission summarizing how well the current Town Plan and zoning bylaws address the issues related to forest fragmentation. On March 3rd, we will meet with the Planning Commission to review our findings and discuss options for strengthening the Plan and by-laws.
Working with the Town of Waitsfield’s consultant Brandy Saxton of PlaceSense, we have assisted in submitting a preliminary application for growth center designation to the State Planning and Coordination Group (PCG). Representatives from the Town will be meeting with with the PCG on Feb 26th to discuss the application. The Town faces a key vote on March 4th to bond for a water and wastewater system.
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