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Outlook for 2010 Legislative Session

Soon the holiday season will be a distant memory and the 2010 legislative session will be in full swing. With tough budgetary times and a gubernatorial election on the horizon, it could be a challenging session. Nevertheless, Smart Growth Vermont and our legislative partner, Preservation Trust of Vermont will be tracking and working on the following issues:

  • Economic stimulus through an increase in historic tax credits for designated downtowns and village centers. There is a waiting list for tax credits for projects that are ready for renovations; restoration utilizes more labor than a new development – creating local jobs! To watch – the Governor’s budget.
  • Updates to the Growth Center Program to ensure that planning tools are in place to create compact areas for new development that supports our downtowns and creates transportation and housing options. The bill to watch is S-64.
  • Protecting the current use program from damaging cuts and working to support creative funding solutions that ensure our farmers and foresters have options for working their lands. The Vermont Land Trust is one of the organizations taking the lead on this issue.
  • Eliminating strip development along our roadways. The bill to watch S-99.

Look for our periodic electronic Legislative Alerts during the session to stay abreast of the issues. And, if you’re not already, take a moment to become a member of Smart Growth Vermont. Every membership allows us to continue working on critical State Policy issues.