Give today: You can help protect Vermont’s environment & communities

Give today: You can help protect Vermont’s environment & communities

With your support, we can continue to protect, restore, and enhance Vermont’s natural environments and thriving communities. From your town hall to your State House, VNRC works to ensure Vermonter’s concerns and ideas about the environment are heard.

Sustainable Communities.
Tight-knit communities, a working landscape, and engaged citizens are the keys to a thriving Vermont. Our Sustainable Communities Program fosters compact villages and downtowns surrounded by farms, forests, and natural areas to support Vermont’s economy and environment.

Clean Water. 
Clean rivers, lakes and streams are the foundation of Vermont’s natural heritage, quality of life, and economy. Our Water Program’s work is rooted in scientific research, public education and tenacious advocacy – ensuring that new legislation and policy results in ever-cleaner and abundant water resources.

Clean Energy.
Addressing the twin challenges of climate change and peak oil will require big decisions about how Vermont will meet its future energy needs. Our Energy and Climate Program is turning those challenges into opportunities by working with town energy committees, members, and . partners to promote conservation, efficiency, and renewable power that benefits all Vermonters.

Healthy Forests.
Vermont is one of the most heavily forested states in the country, and forests are the backbone of our rural character. Keeping forests healthy and intact is the primary mission of our Forest and Wildlife Program. This work maintains the recreational opportunities, wildlife habitat, timber products, clean water, and important ecological functions that forests provide.

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