Our Work

New Community Projects Launched

In July, Smart Growth Vermont finalized new project plans with two communities whom we have partnered with in the past: Bristol and Danville.
In 2008, Bristol’s Planning Commission asked our staff to review several drafts of their Town Plan and provide recommendations for smart growth policies in light of Bristol’s goals. The Town Plan (now nearly completed) incorporated many of our recommendations, and the Planning Commission is ready to implement the goals in the Plan. They have asked Smart Growth Vermont to work with them on a second project that will review the zoning regulations in light of the new Town Plan and develop recommendations for the Planning Commission to consider.
Over the last year or so, the Town of Danville and Smart Growth Vermont have been working on developing new zoning districts in and around the Village of Danville to encourage new housing and businesses in a manner that integrates with the historic architecture. Now the Planning Commission has asked us to help them identify and develop tools to help enhance scenic views, gateways to the villages and working lands throughout the community. An extensive public outreach effort will help guide the direction of the recommendations. Both projects are funded in part by the state’s municipal planning grants. For more information on these and other community projects, check out the Community Planning Partnership section of our website.