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McCarthy to Talk Implications of New Vistas Development

Since coming to light at the beginning of 2016, Utah developer David Hall’s proposed New Vistas development has garnered much media and local attention – and rightly so. The proposed 20,000-person community would extend into the towns of Royalton, Sharon, Strafford, and Tunbridge, and Hall has already started purchasing land in these communities. Concerned citizens have organized and established a nonprofit organization called the Alliance for Vermont Communities to fight the long-term development proposal. Opponents are concerned that the proposed development is out of scale, that it does not strengthen existing communities, and that it ignores the character and history of existing towns.

Sustainable Communities Program Director Kate McCarthy will join the Alliance for Vermont Communities on January 24th to present the statewide implications for a project like New Vistas. She will also give an overview of how local and regional planning works and can be used to shape development patterns, as well as information about Act 250.

Interested in attending? Click here for event details.

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