Legislature to Consider Investing in Heating Efficiency

Legislature to Consider Investing in Heating Efficiency


Why Vermont Needs More Heating Efficiency NOW

Vermonters can save money, strengthen the economy, address the climate crisis and leave a legacy for future generations by supporting an investment in affordable heat this legislative session.

Heating efficiency makes sense.Reducing the energy needed to heat Vermont’s homes and businesses keeps the warmth in, reduces pollution and saves money. Heating efficiency provides the lowest cost and most effective strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions — all while creating jobs for Vermonters.

Efficiency pays off. Vermonters saved $775 million since 2000 by investing in electric efficiency, installing energy efficient appliances, switching to energy-saving technology and more. We can do the same for our heating needs, which now rely almost exclusively on expensive, imported and polluting fossil fuels.

Sustainable heating is affordable heating. Heating weatherized buildings through renewables means energy bills stay more constant, making energy costs less expensive over time.

Vermont’s total fuel bill has more than doubled in 10 years. We can act now to: 

  • Help Vermonters lower their energy bills. In Rutland, the heating efficiency efforts of Neighborworks of Western Vermont saved homeowners, on average, 386 gallons of fuel oil (or equivalent) — about $1400 a year!
  • Create local jobs. Vermont currently exports almost $1 billion out of our economy to pay for energy.  A real commitment to heating efficiency as well as helping Vermonters switch to renewable heat will keep our dollars local and grow thousands of new jobs.
  • Position Vermont as an energy efficiency and climate action leader. Swift action on climate change is imperative to leave a lasting, positive legacy for our children. Vermont can and must commit to heating efficiency this year and do so in a way that maximizes benefits and minimizes costs, especially for Vermont’s most vulnerable families. 

Heating efficiency delivers real benefits. Let your legislators and the Governor know you support needed investment in heating efficiency NOW to save money on heating costs, make our homes and buildings more comfortablereduce climate change pollution, and grow in-state jobs and commerce. 

Here’s How You Can Help:

  • Share this message widely! Vermonters can no longer afford to throw our energy and money out the window. With stable, fair and sufficient funding for heating efficiency we can put an end to wasted money.
  • Write a Letter to the Editor, talk to your friends and neighbors, work with your energy committee — or start an energy committee! — and get active on this issue. Visitwww.vecan.net for energy committee info.


Call or meet with your legislators and the Governor to ensure they know you support heating efficiency, weatherization, fuel switching and renewable energy investments and hope they will too.