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Legislative Smart Growth Summer Study Committee Wrapping Up

The Legislative Smart Growth Study Committee, which was charged with studying and making recommendations for changes to Act 250 criteria, will be releasing their report shortly. The Committee, chaired by Senator Lyons, included representatives from the Vermont Homebuilders Association, The Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Vermont Planners Association, the Vermont Association of Planning and Development Agencies, the Vermont Natural Resources Council, the Vermont Association of Realtors, the Vermont League of Cities and Towns, the Natural Resources Board, House Representatives Trombley and Klein and Senator Carris, as well as Smart Growth Vermont’s Executive Director Noelle MacKay.
The Committee looked at changes in Act 250 criteria related to traffic, scattered development, and rural development, evaluated the development potential of our downtowns and village centers, and made recommendations for incentives to encourage housing and how to best measure the effectiveness of the designation process. It was a lot to tackle in a few months, but the report is almost ready and will be released on January 15th. Stay tuned next month for the recommendations from that report!