Join VNRC – and TRIPLE your contribution!

Join VNRC – and TRIPLE your contribution!

VNRC is still celebrating our big Five-O. That’s right – fifty years working for Vermont’s water, air, forests and communities!

Now, we need your help to assure success over the next half-century. Please join us in our efforts, and take advantage of this special opportunity to triple your impact! 

Last September, nearly 700 people came together to celebrate VNRC’s birthday and look toward the next fifty years. At that event, environmental leaders Van Jones, Bill McKibben and Elizabeth Courtney bluntly laid down the challenges we face. And they also deeply inspired us all to waste no time, to move, to act, and to recommit to keeping Vermont the special place it is.

We need your support so that VNRC enters the next fifty years ready to help Vermonters meet today’s challenges with 21st century solutions; all while keeping our abiding commitment to Vermont’s values, including stewardship, independence, and community resilience.

That’s right! In honor of VNRC’s 51st Annual Meeting on September 19, an anonymous donor has pledged to match new membership contributions by three times their amount. That means for every $35 contribution we receive, there is a total of $140 available for VNRC’s work. Now, that’s real power!