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It’s time to commit to clean water

Today at noon, Vermont Edition will be discussing clean water funding with Representative David Deen, Chair of the House Committee on Natural Resources Fish and Wildlife, and Vermont’s Secretary of the Agency of National Resources Julie Moore.

This is an important and timely opportunity to broadcast your support of investing in cleaning up our waterways to thousands of Vermonters and legislators.

This week, the Vermont House will make key decisions about whether and how to address the $62.4 million annual investment needed to ensure all Vermonters have safe and healthy rivers, lakes, ponds and wetlands.

Call in to Vermont Edition at noon today: 1-800-639-2211

Or post your comments or questions on clean water on the Vermont Edition Facebook page or Twitter or email them to vermontedition@vpr.net.

To help get you started, here are some examples:

  • Does the Scott administration support long-term, stable funding for water cleanup efforts? If so, what is the Governor’s plan?
  • Clean water is fundamental to healthy communities and a thriving economy. We must invest in reducing pollution and cleaning up our waterways now and over the long-term. 
  • Vermonters have a right to be able to drink, fish, swim, and paddle on waters that are safeguarded from pollution.  I support fully funding cleaning up Vermonter’s waterways.  
  • Clean, fresh water is essential – but sadly pollution in our waterways is a serious threat to people, wildlife, and our environment – and it’s time for Vermont to get serious about solutions.  Thank you Representative Deen for supporting funding to reduce pollution and clean up the state’s rivers, lakes and ponds.  I hope your colleagues at the Legislature follow your lead.
  • Our businesses depend on clean water, including many that rely on tourists who annually contribute $2.5 billion to our economy. Polluted water undermines our economy and quality of life. Investing now in clean water will pay us all back tenfold in the years ahead


  • Clean water is essential to our health, economy & culture – what’s @GovPhilScott’s plan to invest in clean water? #vtpoli @vermontedition
  • VTers have a right to drink, fish, swim & paddle waters safe from pollution. It’s time to invest in clean water #vtpoli @vermontedition
  • I support investing in clean water. We owe it to ourselves and future generations of VTers. #vtpoli @vermontedition

You can call  1-800-639-2211,  email vermontedition@vpr.netor post your comments or questions on clean water to the Vermont Edition Facebook page or Twitter.  

Thanks for all you do!


The VNRC Team