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Intern and Volunteer Update

Volunteers and interns are crucial to the success of Smart Growth Vermont, so we are fortunate to have an energetic group of students who are currently working on several projects that contribute to our goal of reaching out to Vermont communities. Abby Farnham has been working with us since the summer of 2007, compiling data from a survey conducted in Bristol, one of our Partnership Communities. Currently, Abby is preparing her results for a draft report that will be presented to Planning officials on March 18, in Bristol.
Sarah Von Lehman, a recent graduate of UVM, is currently producing an online community resource guide, which will highlight the importance of buying fresh, local food and Vermont made products. And, Collin Ackerman, also a senior at UVM, is researching downtowns and village centers throughout Vermont and is helping us expand our photo library, by taking pictures and organizing our photo database.
If you are interested in volunteer or internship opportunities with Smart Growth Vermont, please contact Serena.
Thanks to everyone who contributes their time to Smart Growth Vermont. Your service is greatly appreciated!