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Gov. Shumlin Signs First-in-the-Nation Prohibition on “Fracking”

VNRC is extremely pleased with today’s enactment of a law prohibiting hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” in the state of Vermont. The legislation is a proactive step to keep this dangerous practice out of the Green Mountain State. The soup of chemicals used in fracking threatens groundwater, and other natural resources. Groundwater is the source of drinking water for two-thirds of Vermonters.

Just four years ago, the legislature wisely declared groundwater to be public resource, to be guarded carefully for public purposes like for drinking water and farming – certainly not to be subjected to risky and dirty processes like hydraulic fracturing. This new law is very much in keeping with our natural resources protection ethic in Vermont.

Special thanks go to Representatives Deen, McCullough, and Webb for their leadership on this measure in the House, and to the Sen. Natural Resources and Energy Committee generally and specifically to the chair, Senator Ginny Lyons, for their diligent and committed work on H.464. Representatives Peter Peltz and Tony Klein in the House, and Senator Peter Galbraith in the Senate, deserve thanks for sponsoring legislation to get things started. And thanks go to Gov. Shumlin for signing this important bill into law.