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Get Involved. Help Us Create Complete Streets!

Want to make sure you have a sidewalk to walk your kids to school or a bike path to get to work? On September 20-24, local volunteers will team up with AARP Vermont and Smart Growth Vermont to survey crosswalks and intersections in Burlington, St. Johnsbury, Rutland, and Brattleboro to shed light on the dangers pedestrians face as they walk on their streets and sidewalks. Volunteers will evaluate how these roads address walkers’ needs, such as whether there are adequate traffic signals, crossing signals and properly marked crosswalks or if there is enough time to cross streets.

This effort is part of a week-long statewide campaign called “Complete Streets Week: Making Vermont Walkable for All Generations,” which aims to survey intersections across the state. The results will be used to demonstrate the need for state Complete Streets legislation which will assure that road design incorporates the needs of all people, including cyclists, people with disabilities, and those who travel without a car.

Area residents are invited to participate in surveying local intersections. Everyone is welcome – young and old! Information on Complete Streets and local events is available at http://www.blcp.org/about/complete-streets. If your community is not listed, you can also find information on how to hold an event at an intersection near you! Questions? Contact Kathy Mathis at 802-318-0905 or vt@aarp.org.