Entergy to Close Vermont Yankee

Entergy to Close Vermont Yankee

Entergy has announced it will close and decommission the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant in Vernon in 2014. This is excellent news for Vermonters and for our energy future and is the near-conclusion of a long effort by VNRC and many other organizations and Vermonters to address the risks posed by this plant.

From a clean energy perspective, Vermont Yankee is an antiquated symbol of a dirty energy past. We hope and trust the state will assist those workers displaced by the closing of the plant. Meanwhile, the state must continue build its energy future and economy on conservation, efficiency, and clean and renewable energy.

This news also represents a major victory for Vermont’s natural resources, including the American Shad and the rest of the Connecticut River ecosystem. For the past several years VNRC has been litigating at the Public Service Board raising concerns over Vermont Yankee’s environmental impacts, including the leaking of tritium into groundwater, and the effects of the plant’s discharge of heated water into the Connecticut River. The closing of the plant will end this thermal discharge.

Now, we must assure that the decommissioning of the plant is done properly, that Vermont taxpayers don’t foot the bill and that VY restores the land so that future generations can use and enjoy it.

We want to thank our supporters, who have helped us for many years and in many capacities in our efforts on Vermont Yankee and to help Vermont move into the 21st century on a cleaner, smarter and more sustainable energy path.