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Community Update

Danville Focuses on Town Character
The Danville Planning Commission kicked off the first of three Community meetings on February 15. During the meeting, residents shared their thoughts on maintaining and enhancing rural character – strong local farms, open lands for recreation, scenic views – while still encouraging new development. The Planning Commission also asked participants to fill out a survey which will be available to complete online shortly. Danville residents are invited to the next two Public Meetings, March 8 and April 5, 2010.
Bristol Works on Bylaw Updates
Bristol’s Planning Commission continues to work with us on creating zoning districts and standards that meet the town’s goals for self-reliance, diversity, and economic growth to enhance Bristol’s traditional village core and surrounding rural beauty. However, we may be taking a break this spring as the Town works to answer concerns raised about gravel extraction that resulted in the defeat of the Town Plan and an extraction bylaw at Town Meeting Day.
For more information about our ongoing work with the all our partner communities, please visit the Community Planning Partnership section of our website.