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Community Update: Essex and Jericho

Smart Growth Vermont is pleased to announce its most recent multi-town community assistance project. Over the next year and a half, Smart Growth Vermont will work with the towns of Essex and Jericho in Chittenden County to develop and implement strategies for protecting scenic views in the two towns. The project will focus on views of Mount Mansfield, which dominates the skyline in both communities.
“Protecting scenic resources is a high priority for Essex, but we don’t yet have clear standards in place that would make the process predictable and fair for landowners,” said Dana Farley, Director of Community Development for the Town of Essex. “We’re looking forward to working with Jericho and with Smart Growth Vermont to figure out what views are most important to the community and what strategies make sense for protecting them.”
“Jericho has some spectacular views of Mount Mansfield,” said Jericho Town Planner Seth Jensen. “The town is looking for innovative strategies for protecting those views that are compatible with what people want for their land.”
The project is funded in part by funding from both towns, a grant from the Chittenden County Metropolitan Planning Organization and by Smart Growth Vermont’s Roadscape Project. It is guided by the principles in the Roadscape Guide.