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Community Update: Danville

Smart Growth Vermont’s work with the Town of Danville to develop village-specific zoning districts is nearing completion. The Danville Planning Commission is reviewing draft standards for the four proposed new districts, with the goal of incorporating the new standards into the Town’s bylaws this summer. Once implemented, the village districts will make it easier to build new homes and start new businesses in and around Danville Village. At the same time, the district standards will ensure that new construction fits with the traditional pattern and historic character of the village.
The new zoning districts are built around a core district surrounding the Green, where a vibrant mix of uses will be encouraged. Next to the village core is a district whose purpose is to promote historically compatible infill in the village’s three designated historic residential areas. Another district extends east and west a short distance from the village along Route 2, with the goal of encouraging compact, walkable commercial development. Finally, a new residential district surrounds the other districts, providing flexible opportunities for building new neighborhoods that follow the traditional village pattern of smaller lots on an interconnected network of quiet streets.
For more information about the project, please visit the Danville project page on Smart Growth Vermont’s website.