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Community Update: Bristol

Work continues on two tracks in Bristol. The Planning Commission hopes to have a new draft of the town plan ready for public comment before summer incorporating changes based on public input after last year’s no vote. Work on the associated zoning update continues at a slow but steady pace with the Planning Commission considering changes to the zoning districts in and around the village area. At town meeting, the Planning Commission conducted a poll to get feedback on where in town gravel extraction will be permitted in the new zoning and where it will be prohibited. The public supported both of the Planning Commission’s proposals – one which specified the zoning districts in and around downtown where extraction would not be allowed, and the other which would continue to allow extraction within the town’s conservation zone. The Planning Commission is reviewing the written comments from voters to see if further discussion is needed on where extraction will and will not be allowed. Resolution to this contentious issue may finally be at hand, which will allow both the revised town plan and zoning to successfully move forward.