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Community Planning Partnership Update

Smart Growth Vermont has begun work on a multifaceted project with the Town of Burke that will help the town prepare for large-scale anticipated growth. Working in partnership with the Northeastern Vermont Development Association, Smart Growth Vermont will build on a series of plan and bylaw revisions already put into place by the town over the last few years. The town’s planning efforts are in response to a major resort development planned for Burke Mountain that will add a projected 1000 new housing units to this small rural town over the next decade. “With Ginn Corporation’s purchase of Burke Mountain, the town knows that growth is inevitable,” said Noelle MacKay, executive director of Smart Growth Vermont. “But they are determined to be out in front of the process, guiding growth in ways that are compatible with the town’s rural character, scenic beauty, and ecological value.” This work is made possible in part by a Municipal Planning Grant from the Department of Housing and Community Affairs.