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Community Planning Partnership Update

Danville Passes New Village Zoning
On December 3rd the Danville Select Board passed updated zoning regulations for Danville Village and the surrounding area. Smart Growth Vermont has worked with the Planning Commission since early 2008, developing four new zoning districts around the Village that contain standards that encourage infill and new development but ensure that new projects fit the historic character of the Village. Through surveys, focus groups and public meetings, residents of Danville shared their thoughts on various drafts and the final standards reflect the community’s values and Town Plan goals. Visit the Community Planning Partnership section of our website for more information on the new regulations and our other project with Danville.

Essex and Jericho Scenic View Assessment Completed

This summer and fall, almost two dozen volunteers were on the roads of Essex and Jericho, taking photos and assessing their scenic views. We presented the results of their hard work to the Essex and Jericho Planning Commissions in mid-December along with a range of regulatory, non-regulatory and conservation options to protect scenic views from further degradation. Now that the assessments are complete, we will work with the towns to develop a Scenic Resource Conservation Plan and draft language to implement it. To learn more about the project and our partners – the Towns of Essex and Jericho, the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission and the Chittenden County Metropolitan Planning Organization, visit the Community Planning Partnership section of our website.