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Community Planning Partnership Update

Smart Growth Vermont Assists the Town of Danville
The Town of Danville has selected Smart Growth Vermont to assist the town with evaluating and updating its bylaws so as to encourage the construction of new homes and businesses within and around Danville Village. The project is intended to complement the planned reconfiguration of Route 2 where it passes through the village, making it easier for businesses and homeowners to take advantage of the more pedestrian-friendly environment and enhanced village character that will be the result of the Route 2 work. Zoning standards in many of Vermont’s towns set minimum lot sizes and setbacks that are impossible to comply with in a traditional village center, where buildings typically sit close to each other and close to the road. Such standards make it difficult or impossible for owners of small or irregularly shaped village parcels to develop them, and forces owners of larger parcels to build in ways that are more appropriate for the rural countryside than for the middle of a village. Smart Growth Vermont will help Danville identify a range of options for making its zoning bylaws more “village friendly” and then develop revised bylaw language for the options that the town selects.