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Community Planning Partnership Update

As a final step in a project to help Bristol overhaul its town plan, Smart Growth Vermont recently completed an in-depth review of the revised plan to assess how effectively the town had incorporated previous recommendations. Smart Growth Vermont has been working with the town since May 2007 on the revision process, analyzing data from a town-wide survey and providing the town with guidance on how best to incorporate smart growth principles into its plan. In addition, Smart Growth Vermont recently delivered a draft implementation strategy to the town that brings together in one place all of the specific steps the town needs to take to reach the goals in its plan. To learn more, visit the Community Planning Partnership section of our website.
Reducing the cost of home ownership is a high priority for Warren, a ski town where second home development has driven up the cost of land. Smart Growth Vermont prepared a matrix of options for the community to consider at a November 10 meeting, where residents weighed in on what approaches to creating new village housing are most appropriate for Warren. Smart Growth Vermont is now helping the town prepare new bylaw language to make those options a reality. To learn more, visit the Warren page on our website.