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Community Involvement in Bristol and Burke
Once school starts and the leaves turn, Planning Commissions, Select Boards and many other town committees get to work updating Town Plans, drafting energy plans and considering new bylaws to implement. Two of the towns that Smart Growth Vermont is working with – Bristol and Burke – are no exception.
The Planning Commission in Bristol has taken on an ambitious agenda as they continue to work on re-drafting a new Town Plan and at the same time consider district changes, updated standards and uses within these districts. On October 19th, the first of five meetings over eight weeks re-focused these efforts as the Commission considered the updates in the districts in and around Bristol’s downtown. Community members are encouraged and welcomed to get involved by participating at a meeting, sending comments or signing up to receive information.
Residents in Burke came out on October 28th to provide comments and suggestions on proposed standards for existing and new business, commercial and industrial uses in the community. Participants “voted” on the appropriate location, and various performance standards as they determine the best way to encourage and promote economic activity while at the same time maintaining the rural character they so value.
This work was made possible in part by Municipal Planning Grants from the Department of Housing and Community Affairs as well as foundation support from Smart Growth Vermont. Go to our website for more information on Bristol and Burke, and our other community projects.