Clean Water Week: Aug. 20-26, 2017

Clean Water Week: Aug. 20-26, 2017

Clean Water Week, set for Aug. 20-26, 2017, will be a weeklong celebration of Vermont waters – and the work that goes into protecting them for Vermonters today and future generations.

Clean, safe water is essential to Vermont Communities, farms, businesses, and the activities Vermonters love like swimming, fishing, kayaking, and boating. We’ve seen first-hand the dangers Vermont communities face when we don’t protect our water.

While this week is about celebrating the good work that has taken place, it is also about taking next steps to ensure all Vermonters have clean, safe, and affordable water to drink, play in, and enjoy. It’s time for Vermont to double down on water and do what it takes to protect our health, environment, and economy.

Each day this week we’ll be highlighting part of our work to safeguard Vermont waters – and how you can be involved. We can’t do this work on our own! Get involved today by:

  • Becoming a VNRC member.
  • Write a Letter to the Editor.
  • Contact your elected official and let them know that you support designating long-term, stable funding sources for clean water in Vermont, passing S.103 the comprehensive toxic chemical reform bill that will protect Vermont communities from harmful chemicals, and that you support taking substantial action on climate to help protect Vermont waters for all.

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Join us each day as we talk about important water-related initiatives:

Mon., Aug. 21: #SaveOurChamplain

Tues., Aug. 22: Toxins – Pass S.103!

Weds., Aug. 23: LaPlatte River Marsh wetlands

Thurs., Aug. 24: #freeVTrivers – Removing Deadbeat Dams

Fri., Aug. 25: Water Connects Us All