Call Speaker Johnson: Support safeguards for Vermont’s forests

Call Speaker Johnson: Support safeguards for Vermont’s forests

Efforts are picking up again this week at the Legislature to strengthen safeguards for Vermont’s forests. The House Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife Committee is continuing its work on a bill (H.233) that aims to correct a gap in Act 250 – the state’s land use and development law – by updating the criteria to address impacts to forests, including the fragmentation of intact forests and wildlife connectivity areas.
Help us ensure this legislation advances by contacting House Speaker Mitzi Johnson to let her know you support better forest protections in H.233!

Over a decade of research and examination has revealed that Vermont’s forests are being fragmented by rural sprawl. The breaking up of larger parcels of land into smaller parcels poses serious threats to the integrity of our forests and the health of our wildlife populations. In recent years lawmakers have been working on addressing the trend of forest fragmentation, resulting in a number of positives steps and several reports that lay out strategies and solutions to this issue.

A vote for H.233 is a important step in these efforts. And lawmakers will be taking action very soon.

Please contact House Speaker Mitzi Johnson today to let her know you support better safeguards for Vermont’s forests.

Call (802-828-2245) or email ( Speaker Johnson with a brief message, such as:

  • Please support H.233 to better protect intact forests, which will help support the forest economy, water quality, and wildlife habitat.

Some more context:

  • Forests are essential to the Vermont economy, culture, and quality of life.
  • Forest fragmentation undermines the integrity of our forests and will continue to unless we take action. H.233 will give us better tools to safeguard our forest resources.
  • Forests contribute billions of dollars to Vermont’s economy each year.
  • Forests provide free services that benefit public health and quality of life, like improving water and air quality, sequestering carbon pollution, and providing spaces to recreate in.
  • We need to protect these critical resources and H.233 will help us take a positive step in that direction.

For more information on H.233 read VNRC Forest and Wildlife Program Director Jamey Fidel’s testimony here.

Thanks for all you do,

The VNRC Team