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Vermont House Approves S.103

Montpelier – The Vermont House gave final approval yesterday to a bill (S.103) that better protect children against potentially dangerous toxins in children’s products and establish a testing protocol for certain drinking water wells.


Protecting Vermonters from toxic chemicals

It’s difficult to keep up with the many absurdities coming out of the Trump administration, but near the top of the heap for me is the recent news that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has overhauled its process for determining whether new chemicals — used in everything from household cleaners and industrial manufacturing to children’s toys — pose a serious risk to human health or the environment.


Vermont Senate Passes Bill To Help Vermonters Harmed By Toxic Contamination

Today, the Vermont Senate passed a bill (S.197) that helps Vermonters who have been harmed by toxic chemical contamination and face increased medical expenses, reduced property value, and other harms as a result of the chemical contamination. (more…)

Mid-Session Legislative Lowdown on Climate & Clean Energy

On March 2, lawmakers passed a critical mid-session mark – crossover. Crossover is the deadline where all bills – except money bills, which get one more working week – need to move out of their committee of jurisdiction. If the jurisdictional committee doesn’t move a bill, it either needs to get a special exemption from the rules committee or be attached to a bill that is moving – or it dies for the year.


Times Argus Editorial: Words and Actions

Originally published by The Times Argus

The gulf between words and action on the part of the Scott administration is a growing concern among those focused on environmental issues.


Vermont joins nine state coalition to advance carbon pricing legislation

Focus on growing jobs, helping all participate in the clean energy transformation

Montpelier, VT – Sen. Chris Pearson, Rep. Sarah Copeland Hanzas, Rep. David Deen, and advocates from the Energy Independent Vermont Coalition today announced Vermont’s participation in the Carbon Costs Coalition. This multi-state coalition is focused on reducing carbon emissions, ensuring equity in policy proposals, developing market-based solutions, creating resilient local and regional economies, and improving public health.


Governor Scott’s response to Climate Commission recommendations disappoints, misses the mark

When Governor Scott established a Climate Action Commission in July 2017, he charged the 21 members he appointed with recommending at least three short term actions that Vermont could move on quickly to address climate change. The Vermont Natural Resources Council applauded his decision, and I welcomed the opportunity to serve on that Commission with its diverse and committed members.


How to stay in touch with VNRC on Facebook

Recently, Facebook made changes to their News Feed that makes it more challenging for our friends and members to see our posts on Facebook. We frequently post articles here on our website, but also share original content (like our weekly Dispatch from the State House on Climate Action) on Facebook.


VNRC submits letter with VLCT on H.663

Vermont Natural Resources Council and the Vermont League of Cities and Towns recently submitted a letter summarizing their shared position on H.663, an act relating to municipal land use regulation of accessory on-farm businesses. Read the full letter here.

Climate action: In-depth legislative lowdown & look forward

January 22, 2018 Update

Despite consensus in Vermont from the highest levels of state government on down that we must tackle the challenge of climate change, our state’s carbon pollution is rising. Our rhetoric far outpaces our actions.