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2017 Legislative Preview

Yesterday, Vermont lawmakers rolled into Montpelier to kick off the 2017-2018 biennium. Committee makeup and assignments were announced, Governor Shumlin gave his farewell address, and VNRC staff rolled up our sleeves for the months ahead. With the U.S. on the cusp of swearing in a climate-denying President – who has nominated several anti-environment, climate science […]

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VNRC Board Member’s Maple Goes Interstellar

VNRC Board Member Ira Marvin of Butternut Mountain Farm in Morrisville recently learned that his maple syrup had traveled to the International Space Station. A French astronaut posted pictures of their meal and among the condiments was a bottle of Butternut Mountain Farm syrup. The Marvins have done a number of things to enhance their […]

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Leriche: Housing Solutions Not So Simple

The Secretary of the Agency of Commerce and Community Development Lucy Leriche recently penned a commentary in the Burlington Free Press that looks at the impact – or lack of impact – of state and local regulations on housing. She writes, “Getting regulation right means striking a healthy balance between development, environmental quality and economic […]

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Vermont College Joins Carbon Neutrality Effort

This month, Middlebury College announced that it had achieved a net zero carbon footprint, a goal the college has been working towards for years. Carbon neutrality means the college has balanced the measured amount of carbon pollution it produces with an equivalent amount sequestered or offset. Key steps to reaching this goal included transitioning nearly […]

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Federal Ethanol Mandate Destroys Wildlife Habitat, Impacts Climate

A new report by the National Wildlife Federation – VNRC’s national affiliate – details how the federal Renewable Fuel Standard has caused more harm than good to both wildlife habitat and the climate. In Vermont alone, the policy has resulted in nearly 6,500 acres of wildlife habitat loss between 2008 and 2012 – the equivalent […]

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Vermont Utilities to Reduce Fossil Fuel Use, Increase Energy Innovation

The law, Act 56, will require Vermont utilities to help their customers reduce their fossil fuel through Energy Innovation Projects. Additionally, the law requires utilities to increase the amount of renewable energy in their portfolios by 75 percent by 2032, including meeting 10 percent of that requirement through small, distributed generation. “Act 56 sets a […]

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Welcome to the Team

VNRC is pleased to welcome three new additions to the team. Gianna Petito is the 2017 Legislative Intern, and Dana Drugmand and Walker Stevens will assist with research, communications and general programmatic work with the Energy and Sustainable Communities Programs. When asked why they chose VNRC, Petito, Drugmand, and Stevens had the following to say: […]

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VECAN Conference Offers Skills, Resources for Local Climate Action

Nearly 300 people attended the 9th annual VECAN Conference to explore local leadership opportunities aimed at advancing the state’s goal of reaching 90 percent renewable energy by 2050. As speakers and many attendees noted throughout the day, now – more than ever – local clean energy and climate action is where progress, innovation and economic […]

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Green River Reservoir. (Paul Moody, Flickr, CC.)

Environmental Groups Fight to Ensure Morrisville Hydroelectric Project Protects Water Quality, Fish Habitat and Recreation

  Environmental Groups Fight to Ensure Morrisville Hydroelectric Project Protects Water Quality, Fish Habitat and Recreation The Vermont Natural Resources Council (VNRC) and the Vermont State Council of Trout Unlimited (VTTU) announced that they have filed a cross appeal in the on-going appeal of the water quality certificate issued by the Vermont Agency of Natural […]

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Burlington Town Center Supports Smart Growth

By Kate McCarthy, Sustainable Communities Program Director, VNRC The Vermont Natural Resources Council is a statewide environmental organization founded over 50 years ago that has always cared deeply about building strong human communities. We want places where we can we live and thrive, and VNRC works to accommodate change in ways that respect our environment […]

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