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Governor Scott’s Veto of Medical Monitoring Bill Protects Corporate Polluters Rather than Vermonters

Today Governor Scott vetoed S.37, a bill that would have helped victims of toxic contamination by allowing Vermonters to seek medical monitoring expenses from the polluter that released toxic chemicals.


Vermont Senate Passes Bill to Help Vermonters Exposed to Toxic Chemicals

Today, the Vermont Senate voted to help Vermonters exposed to toxic chemicals by approving legislation, S.37. This bill holds polluters accountable for medical monitoring costs that are due to toxic exposure.


Vermont House Passes Two Bills to Protect Vermonters from Toxic Chemicals

Today, the Vermont House voted to protect Vermont families by supporting two bills – one to hold toxic polluters accountable (S.37) and another to reduce our children’s exposure to toxic chemicals in children’s products (S.55).


Vermont House Makes Important Initial Progress to Establish Long-Term Clean Water Funding

The Vermont House of Representatives has taken a major step towards establishing long-term funding for clean water.   (more…)

Advocating for Public Involvement on our National Forest

At VNRC, we believe one of the most important land management principles is to provide the public with opportunities to participate in the stewardship of our public land.

This principle is currently being tested as the Green Mountain National Forest (GMNF) (more…)

Statement from Vermont Natural Resources Council – Doyle v. City of Burlington Police Department

The Vermont Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in a lawsuit brought by ACLU of Vermont that seeks the release of Burlington police records.
At issue is whether Vermont agencies may charge citizens for inspection of public records. The Vermont Natural Resources (VNRC) and Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) filed an amicus brief in the case arguing that imposing inspection fees would run counter to Vermont state law and undermine principles of government transparency and accountability. (more…)

Apply to Become Vermont Conservation Voters Political Outreach Associate!

The Vermont Conservation Voters (VCV), in partnership with the Vermont Natural Resources Council (VNRC), has an exciting opportunity for an outgoing person who wants to have a significant impact on the future of Vermont.

Learn more and apply by clicking here!

Brian Shupe: Setting the Record Straight on Act 250

VNRC Executive Director Brian Shupe clears up misconceptions on Act 250.


Vermont Senate Passes Groundbreaking Bill to Help Vermonters Harmed By Toxic Pollution

Montpelier, VT – Today, the Vermont Senate passed a bill (S.37) that helps Vermonters who have been harmed by toxic chemical contamination and face increased medical expenses, reduced property value, and other harms as a result of chemical contamination.  Last year, the Senate passed a similar bill and part of the bill was passed by the House but then vetoed by Governor Phil Scott.


Kate McCarthy: Continuing the State’s Working Lands Legacy

VNRC’s Director of Sustainable Communities, Kate McCarthy, discusses her support of the Working Lands Enterprise Fund.