About VNRC

For more than fifty years, VNRC has been Vermont’s leader in protecting and restoring our natural resources and communities. By building coalitions, working together, and offering common sense solutions, VNRC has set the standard for an approach to environmental protection that endures.

From the State House to your town hall, VNRC keeps Vermonters informed on the environmental issues that you and your family care most about. We have a constant presence in the Vermont State House to promote a vision of a Vermont that is healthy and sustainable. We empower our members to take action when the voice of concerned citizens is needed to make a difference. Some of the important issues VNRC focuses on include:

WATER  Vermonters value clean drinking water, unpolluted swimming holes, free flowing rivers, and healthy fisheries. VNRC is committed to ensuring that Vermont’s lakes and streams provide the healthy aquatic habitat that meets these goals. We will continue our successful work of protecting and preserving vital wetlands, advocating for science-based river management, and enforcing laws such as the federal Clean Water Act, Vermont Water Quality Standards, and Vermont’s Wetland Rules.

FORESTS AND WILDLIFE Vermont’s forests provide wood products that fuel our rural economy, and provide abundant habitat for Vermont wildlife. VNRC continues to be instrumental in promoting viable forestry practices and management that are compatible with protecting habitat for a variety of game and non-game species on both public and private land. Slowing the rate for forest fragmentation, supporting the Current Use Program, and assuring Vermont maintains forest health, are key components of VNRC’s forest program.

SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES VNRC has strongly supported policies that steer new investment in our communities into downtowns and village centers. Sprawling, low density communities threaten our forest and farm land, pollute our rivers and streams, and dissolve Vermont’s strong sense of community. We will continue to fight for policies that encourage a sustainable economy, protect the environment, and strengthen Act 250, Vermont’s landmark development review law.

ENERGY & CLIMATE ACTION VNRC believes that everyone can make a difference in combating global climate change by diminishing our dependence upon fossil fuels. In our homes and businesses, Vermonters can tackle the challenge of becoming more energy efficient. On the state level, VNRC continues to advocate for policies that promote energy conservation and efficiency as well as the use of renewable energy sources, a goal that not only increases our energy independence, but supports the growing number of small businesses in the renewable energy industry.