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A Green Roof Rises Above Lake Champlain

One of the latest additions to storm water mitigation in Burlington can’t be seen from the street. It is on top of the Cathedral of St. Paul in Burlington. One thousand square feet of sedum now graces part of the expansive roof that overlooks Lake Champlain.

Faced with a needed roof replacement, the church opted for a green roof. While almost double the cost of a regular roof, it will last far longer and will act as a buffer for storm water runoff that quickly ends up in the Lake. 1,000 square feet of sedum, which will sponge up and slowly release rain water, preventing it from rushing downhill, was installed. As an added bonus, the roof provides extra insulation that will save on heating and cooling costs. A similar roof graces Heritage Aviation at the Burlington Airport.

For more information on green roofs and storm water management, visit Prides Corner Farms website.