Remembering John Ewing

Remembering John Ewing

John Ewing. Photo: Dorthy Weicker/Vermont Folklife Center

We are deeply saddened by the recent loss of John Ewing, a friend, advocate, and visionary. As former Executive Director and current VNRC Board Member Elizabeth Courtney noted, John was a “thoughtful, kind, gentle person with a great deal of humility.” John served as a member of VNRC’s advisory committee, and was the founder of Smart Growth Vermont, which merged with VNRC in 2011. He served as Chair of the Vermont Environmental Board from 1995 until 1998, and was responsible for the administration of Act 250.

Without John’s work and dedication, Vermont would not look like Vermont. “John was one of Vermont’s most important environmental champions of the past 40 years. Perhaps better than anyone, he was able to articulate that Vermont’s environment and economy are mutually dependent upon one another. He understood that you can’t protect the natural environment without caring deeply about the built environment, and that how our communities grow and develop is among the most important issue facing the state. And perhaps most importantly, he was able to act on his commitment to Vermont with openness and respect for others that allowed him to build alliances between diverse interests and get things done. While I will miss John terribly, I will enjoy the legacy he left behind for the rest of my life,” said VNRC Executive Director Brian Shupe.

Thank you, John – you will be missed.

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